Tom Fletcher and the Three Wise Men


Preparations for Christmas are underway in the steamy kitchens of Saint Wilfred’s, but little does Tom Fletcher know that spiced ale is not the only thing that’s brewing in the abbey. Another exciting murder mystery is about to begin, this time luring Tom into the grubby alleys of medieval London at Christmas; alleys full of thieves and beggars, cutpurses and ruthless kidnappers.

Tom Fletcher and the Three Wise Men is the sequel to Tom’s first murder mystery adventure, Tom Fletcher and the Angel of Death. It is three months since Tom and his feisty friend, Bessie Miller, risked their lives to discover who killed Brother Benedict. Now, as Christmas Eve approaches, Tom’s fat friend Herbert is licking his lips over the latest Christmas delicacy, Great Bustard stuffed with Eels. However Tom has little time for the delicious Christmas food simmering in the kitchen – not even for his favourite plum porridge. For Tom is being forced against his will to become a real monk on Christmas Day! And to make matters worse, Tom has just received some dreadful news. Bessie is to be married. To Baron Godric de Mordon, an elderly widower four times her age, with hairs in his ears like the bristles on a Christmas hog!

But more sinister events are unfolding and soon Tom and Bessie are trapped in a terrifying web of intrigue that once more threatens their lives. What is the meaning of the mysterious golden casket that Abbot Fergus has brought from London? Who is the evil knight with the silver finger? And who are the Three Wise Men?

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